Acne Scars, Be Gone: Transform Your Skin with Carbon Peel Treatment

Acne Scars, Be Gone: Transform Your Skin with Carbon Peel Treatment

Carbon peel treatment

Find out how carbon peels work, what conditions they can help with, and the amazing results they can produce. From skin rejuvenation and pore reduction to skin tone enhancement and acne reduction, carbon peel treatment has become well-known for its versatility and effectiveness.

How is carbon peeling done?

The Carbon peel treatment works in two phases. During the first phase, the skin is treated with a carbon lotion. Then, a laser beam is directed to the dermis to create controlled thermal damage to promote healing. The dermis is then stimulated to produce collagen and elastin, as well as fibroblasts. This stimulates collagen production and remodelling, which rejuvenates the skin and also helps to reduce fine lines and fine wrinkles. The heat produced also causes the pores to remodel and contract, making it ideal for patients with enlarged pores. When used on acne, this high-intensity treatment goes directly to the acne membrane and destroys it.

This helps to reduce acne and its associated inflammation.

The second stage is the removal of carbon lotion with the help of a short-pulse laser, which breaks down the carbon into tiny particles and absorbs them. This process destroys the carbon and removes the dead skin cell, the oils and the impurities that have clung to the skin. The skin is also deeply exfoliated during this 2nd stage, which is 4x stronger than any peel in the market, leaving the skin with a much brighter and smoother tone and texture.

The treatment lasts about 30 minutes and the results are immediately visible. You will see an immediate lightening of your skin and your skin will be smoother and softer than it has ever been before.

A thorough consultation will be conducted before your treatment to help create a tailored treatment plan based on your treatment area and your medical history by our doctor at Skincell. We value our clients’ safety and care above all else, and this will ensure your satisfaction and well-being and that you will receive the results you desire.

Before beginning the treatment, we will clean your skin and then place a thin layer of carbon paste on your face. It quickly removes impurities from your pores, exfoliates and also reduces inflammation caused by blemishes

After passing the laser over your skin, the carbon breaks down and absorbs impurities as the laser heats up.

Once the laser has passed over your face several times, the carbon mask is gently removed using a short laser.

The procedure is very relaxing and you can simply sit back and relax if you want.

Your skin will be plump, firmer, and softer to the touch, and you will immediately notice a decrease in fine lines, wrinkles, and skin tone.

Carbon Laser Peel is very safe too.


Carbon peel treatment offers a promising solution for those seeking to eliminate acne scars and rejuvenate their skin. Its innovative use of carbon and laser technology has shown remarkable results in reducing the appearance of scars, promoting collagen production, and achieving smoother skin texture. This non-invasive procedure provides a ray of hope for individuals looking to regain their confidence and achieve a clearer, more radiant complexion. Consider the transformative potential of Carbon Peel to unveil your skin’s natural beauty at Skin Cell with the best Dermatologist in Bangalore.